Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Route for Those Who Apply Outside the UK

General Structure of Points Based System Applications
General Structure of Points Based System Applications

In order for you to succeed in your Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) application, you must not fall for refusal under the general ground. Additionally, you need to score 90 points under the points-based system:

75 points for the Attributes;

10 points for English language proficiency;

10 points for the maintenance requirement;

Also, you will need to meet some additional requirements, which I’ll explain later in this article.


The Attributes


All applicants will need to score 75 points for 3 main attributes.

Attribute No1 (25 points): the applicant’s need to show that they have a minimum of £200,000 from any source or £50,000 from a Home Office-approved source such as a registered and regulated venture capital firm.

Attribute No2 (25 points):  when you can prove that the money is held in one or more financial institutions. Also that this financial institution is regulated by the appropriate regulatory body for the country in which they operate.

Attribute No3 (25 points): money is disposable in the UK.

If the applicant is applying for leave to remain, the money must be held in the UK.


Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Route for Those Who Apply Outside the UK

English Language Requirement

A National of a Majority English Speaking Country

You will automatically meet the English language requirement if you are a national of a majority English speaking country. These countries are Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, The Bahamas,  Barbados,  Belize,  Dominica,  Grenada,  Guyana,  Ireland,  Jamaica,  New Zealand,  St Kitts and Nevis,  St Lucia,  St Vincent and The Grenadines,  Trinidad and Tobago and the USA.


English Language Requirement
English Language Requirement

A Degree Taught in English

You can also meet the test by showing that they have a Degree taught in English. This can be a UK Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or PhD. You will also meet the test if you have a qualification awarded by an educational establishment outside the UK. This educational establishment must be deemed by UK NARIC to meet the recognised standard of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or a PhD in the UK. Additionally, the UK NARIC should have confirmed that the degree was taught or researched in English to the appropriate level of the CEFR. The degree will be deemed by UK NARIC to meet or exceed the recognised standard of a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree or a PhD in the UK if it is from an educational establishment from the majority of English speaking countries.


Passing the Test

Alternatively, you will meet the requirements by passing an English language test. The test and the provider must by approved by the Home Office.


The Maintenance Requirement

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) should have at least £3,310 of personal savings. They should have held at least that amount for a consecutive 90-day period of time, ending no earlier than 31 days before the date of his application.

For the family members of Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Migrants), there should be at least £1,890 in funds, per person. So, for example, if there is one applicant and two children, they’ll need to have £7,090 to meet the maintenance requirement:

Main applicant x 3,310 + 2 children x £1,890 =  £7,090

The applicants will also need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge.


Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Route for Those Who Apply Outside the UK