European Economic Area Nationals: Qualified Persons (OVERVIEW)

EU Citizens in the UK: QUALIFIED PERSONS is a very broad topic and I therefore divided it into 5 parts, so you are very clear about the subject. This is an OVERVIEW video.

The term ‘Qualified Persons’ is the key term for any EEA national or their family member who wants to remain in the UK for longer than 3 months.

EU Citizens in the UK: QUALIFIED PERSONS (OVERVIEW) This is because all EEA nationals and their family members are given an initial right of residence in the UK for up to 3 months. This right is unconditional. However, if an EEA national wants to remain in the UK beyond this 3-month period of time, s/he should become a qualified person. Also, the EEA national’s relatives may only join him/her in the UK for a period, longer than three months. To do so they will need to prove that their EEA national relative is a qualified person.

Today I am going to give you an overview, explaining who can be recognised as a qualified person. In the next videos I’ll concentrate on each category of a qualified person. This is to give you a very solid idea about this legal definition.

There are a number of myths surrounding the rights of EEA nationals in the UK. For some reason the majority is convinced that only those EEA nationals who are workers, may remain in the UK. This is actually not the case.

There are 5 types of EEA nationals, who may fall under the definition of a qualified person:


  • job seekers
  • workers
  • self-employed persons
  • self-sufficient persons and
  • student



Jobseekers can only keep their qualified persons status for a short period of time. Qualified persons need to meet certain conditions in order to remain in the relevant category. In the next five videos I’ll concentrate on each category separately and explain what these conditions are.

Qualified persons do not need to make any applications to the Home Office. They acquire this right automatically as long as you meet the necessary conditions. However, if you do want to apply, given current uncertainty of EEA nationals’ immigration rights in the UK, the form you will need to complete is: EEA(QP). The fee is £65.00. Once the UKVI approves your application, it will be valid for as long as you continue being a Qualified Person, it has no expiry date.

It is important to remember that, unlike any application under UK Immigration Rules, this application does not GIVE you any rights, it merely confirms the rights you already have.