EEA Nationals and Their Family Members, Application Forms, Permanent Residence EEA (PR) Form

Permanent Residence EEA (PR) Form for EEA nationals (or/and their FM): Do you know what is the most common myth which the EEA nationals and their family members believe in when it comes to Permanent Residence applications?

The common myth is that they all believe that only those EEA nationals who have been working in the UK for at least 5 years can make their Permanent Residence Application. This is simply not true!

Who Can Apply?

There are 6 categories of people who can make an application for a Permanent Right Reside in the UK. Yes, the most common categories (No1 and No2) are for EEA nationals and their FM (direct and extended) where EEA nationals have been working for at least 5 years or were qualified person in some other capacity. For example as a self-sufficient person, student etc.


However, there are four more categories, which allow EEA nationals and their family members make their Permanent Residence applications. Here they are:


  • Category No3 is for EEA nationals, who ceased activity, but retained their worker status. I’ve created a series special videos explaining who can fall into this category, so please do watch these videos if you are an EEA national who stopped working in the UK either because you either retired or because of an accident or other permanent incapacity to work. In certain cases those who started working in another country but retained their place of residence in the UK may also have a retained worker states.
  • Category No4 is for those who retained their worker status in the UK;
  • With regards to category No5- it is for family members of EEA nationals who have died.
  • Category No6 is for those family members who can prove that they have retained their right of residence in the UK despite the fact that they are no longer with their EEA nationals family member.

Permanent Residence Categories

I’ve created detailed videos explaining all of the above categories. Please do watch them even if you believe that you do not qualify.

Yes, another very important thing to mention here is the fact that all extended family member can only apply if they

What are the Requirements for Your Permanent Residence Application?


  1. To prove that you fit into one of the above categories;
  2. All other requirement will depend on the category. For example for Family Members of deceased EEA nationals this relative will need to prove 3 things: 1. That the EEA national has died; 2. That they have resided with each other before the EEA national’s death; 3. That this EEA national has resided in the UK as a worker or self-employed for at least 2 year before their death. This is unless this death as the result of an accident at work or an occupational disease;


What is the Procedure for Making Your Permanent Residence Application and How Much Does It Cost?

  1. You’ll need to complete the 85-page EEA (PR) form;
  2. Pay the fee, which is £65 at the moment;
  3. Provide all the supporting evidence confirming that you meet the above requirements. There are more than 50 different types of documents to choose from.


If you already feel overwhelmed, please don’t be, as intention to make life easier, not complicated for you. I therefore created a detailed FREE (you only need to cover shipping and handling costs) step by step Expert Secrets Guide on ‘How to Complete Your Permanent Residence EEA (PR) form’. With the help of this Free Guide I help you make sense of all 19 sections of the form, spread across 85 pages.


Did you know that in the last two quarters of 2016, more than 12,800 EU citizens had their permanent residency requests REFUSED? Around 5,500 were declared INVALID.

And you see, the problem is not in the fact that people do not qualify. In the majority of case they do, they just don’t follow the correct the procedure. Alternatively, they do not complete the form correctly. Sometimes they do not submit the necessary documents. This is understandable because it is virtually impossible to understand the form without a legal degree. In the Free Experts Secrets Guide I explain why they ask certain questions and I explain the law, but in a very simple form. The guide is recorded on a beautiful Credit Card size USB flash, which you will also get for FREE. All you have to do is to have your shipping and handling fees.


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Permanent Residence EEA (PR) Form for EEA Nationals and Their Family Members