‘Ask and It Is Given’ (from the 3 Ideas Book Club)

A book review of ‘Ask and It is Given’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks

‘Is this it?’. I am 9 years old, sitting under an old walnut tree. My best friend, German Shepherd, Dikulia, seats next to me. He was born 6 months before me. He understands my feelings instantly, just looking in my eyes. Now he can sense my acute feeling of confusion and dismay. He does not move. He just seats there and somehow conveys to me this strong feeling of unconditional loyalty, love and support.

3 ideas
3 ideas

‘Is this really it?’ I kept asking myself the same question again and again. Several hours ago my Mum told me that my 33-year old father died. The thing is, I could not fully understand the news.

I never dealt with death so closely before. I did not quite understand what it meant. This was not the biggest challenge though. The most difficult thought to accept at that point was that my father would be buried and I felt so sorry for him. This is because according to what my Mum and my grandparents told me – it is not much fun to be dead. According to what they told me, my Dad would not be able to kiss my Mum, read books or fix our car – three things he loved doing most. This thought of him switching from a happy to a completely miserable and so restrictive way of living (or not living?) was killing me.

Then, at the age of 9, my deepest search for the Universal laws and the meaning of life and death has begun. I rebelled against the idea of my Dad becoming unhappy after his death. This was simply not logical to me. I also refused to accept that someone, who was my everything for 9 years, would just perish into realms of nothingness without a trace….

‘Ask and It Is Given’ (from the 3 Ideas Book Club)

Searching for Answers

I read Aristotle, Socrates, Confucius, Avicenna, Kant, Nietzsche, Freud, Jung, Spinoza, Sartre and likes. Although fascinating and thought-provoking, the answers they gave, did not feel fully satisfying enough. I kept searching until, rather accidentally, I stumbled upon a book with a very cheesy and religiously repellent name ‘Ask and It is Given’. I did not like the book title. In fact, because of this book title, it actually took me around 2 years to eventually buy and read it.

I haven’t read anything which would be so light and uplifting, which would leave me with such a deep feeling of inner harmony and satisfaction, which would give me answers I was searching for decades…  Generally, the book is good when we manage to find one or two great ideas which resonate with our understanding of the concept the writer reflects in his book. The book is incredible when you agree with everything, the author writes about. I came across with only one book, which I can call incredible. It is the ‘Ask and It is Given’ book.

IDEA No1: The Frequency

We give and receive information in the same way as radio stations do. Each thought has a particular frequency. We have around 22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Disappear and Powerlessness are the lowest frequencies. Joy/Freedom/Love/Appreciation are the highest. When we tune to 101.5 FM we cannot hear what is there at 86.9 FM. This is because there is a considerable vibration frequency between the two. We cannot feel fear and appreciation at the same time. In theory, when we are fearful and we start feeling appreciation – the fear disappears. However, it is impossible to start feeling appreciation when we are fearful – too much of a vibration jump. This is impossible. They give over 20 different very practical and incredibly effective ways of raising the vibrational frequency.


IDEA No2: The Most Effective Tool Taking to the Jet Stream

The most powerful tools for raising vibrations are meditation and sleeping. Sleeping cannot be classified as an exercise, but it is one of the most effective ways of raising vibration. This is especially when one knows what to do when we wake up or, rather, what not to do.

The second best after sleep is meditation. Meditation works for us the same way as jet streams work for planes. When planes enter the jet streams faster and reach their destination considerably quicker. Our natural state is a high-frequency state. When we meditation – we get rid of the thing, which holds us and we naturally rise to our naturally high or higher frequency.


IDEA No3: The Most Empowering Discovery

The most empowering discovery, which I made over a decade ago when reading this book, was the fact that we are the creators of our own reality. It was scary and empowering at the same time to realise that we are responsible for everything, which is happening in our lives. This is the hardest concept for many to accept. I do agree that at times it is so tempting to blame others for some unwanted stuff, which is happening in our lives. However, if we give others the power to create bad things in our lives, equally we must give them the power to change this bad stuff and replace it with a good one. This approach makes us completely powerless, exposed to external conditions and very conditional upon actions of others. This would not be right. For this reason, the idea of creating our own reality is much appealing to me.

‘Ask and It Is Given’ (from the 3 Ideas Book Club)

This is my favourite book of all times. It is empowering. This book reminds you of what you already know. It feels so right. Enjoy reading it!


‘Ask and It Is Given’ (from the 3 Ideas Book Club)