Appendices You Need to Check Before Making your Global Talent Visa Application

Global Talent Visa E-book
Global Talent Visa E-book

UK Global Talent Immigration Routes is an excellent option for talented creative people wishing to work in the UK. If you qualify and your application is granted, you can settle in the UK within only three years. You can bring your spouse and children under the age of 18.

This is a very flexible visa route. You don’t need to have an employer. The Home Office will only expect you to provide with a letter from one of their Endorsing Body, confirming your talent and that you qualify to make a Global Talent application.

There is no set amount, which you’ll have to earn in order to qualify for extension of your stay in this immigration category.

If you are already in the UK, you can switch from many other immigraiton categories. In addition to working in area of expertise, you can work in almost any field of your choice (some exceptions apply). You can also study.


Global Talent Video Series

I’ve created a special Global Talent video series consisting of three videos. In these videos, I explain the rules you need to meet to succeed in this immigration category.

In these three videos, I’ve mentioned a number of appendices you need to check before making your Global Talent visa application:

Appendix ATAS: Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)

Appendix T: tuberculosis screening

Appendix AR: administrative review

Also need to check Appendix Continuous Residence

As well as Appendix English Language

Appendix KoLL

If you would like to have a deeper understanding of this immigration route, you will benefit from downloading a FREE comprehensive mindmap of overview of the Immigration Rules for all Global Talent visa applicants.

Appendices You Need to Check Before Making your Global Talent Visa Application