More Information about Adult Dependent Relative UK Visa Route

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1. You need to make sure that you meet the Suitability Requirements. I’ve written a very detailed article explaining how to do this: READ THE ARTICLE

2. Then you need to understand the rules for this application. I’ve explained them in THIS video.

and finally,

3. To help you assess your chances of succeeding in your Adult Dependent Relative Visa application, I’ve created an online course: How to Avoid the Refusal of Your Adult Dependent Relative Visa Application. You can get more information about the course and instant access if you visit THIS page.

What this Course is About?

1. This course will help you understand all Adult Dependent Relative (ADR) Immigration Rules and the key elements of the application.

2. You’ll have a list of the documents you need to submit with the application.

3. Also, I’ll also guide you through a number of case scenarios where the ADR applications are most likely to be refused .

4. You’ll also understand why you need to be extremely careful when submitting the ADR and the devastating effect this application’s refusal may have on future visa applications.

5. This course also aims to explain the Article 8 element (right to private and family life) and why you should try to engage it when applying.

6. You’ll also have an overview of how you should deal with the refusal of the application.

7. You’ll find out about the correct procedure for making the application.

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More Information about Adult Dependent Relative UK Visa Route
More Information about Adult Dependent Relative UK Visa Route