'How to Avoid the Refusal of Your Adult Dependent Relative UK Visa Application'
Online Course Information


Svitlana Shlapak is

  • is a Senior UK Immigration Law Solicitor based in Lonon, UK
  • won her first case at the First-tier Tribunal in 2003 (it was Asylum and Immigration Tribunal then)
  • this gives Svitlana over 20 years of active experience in the UK Immigration field
  • Svitlana is a member of the Law Society and was admitted to practice as a solicitor in 2006
  • Svitlana teaches UK Immigration law at the University in London, UK

Svitlana Shlapak, Senior UK Immigration Law Solicitor and Senior Immigration Law University Lecturer

What this Course is About?

1. This course will help you understand all Adult Dependent Relative (ADR) Immigration Rules and the key elements of the application.

2. You’ll have a list of approx. 35 documents you should consider submitting with the application.

3. This course will also help you understand the most common grounds for refusal? When answering this question, you’ll get specific examples of various case scenarios, and a detailed analysis of 3 very important cases where the Judges give helpful insights as to what information can help the application and what information damages chances for success.

Answers You’ll Get After Watching this Course

Additionally, this course will help provide you with answers to many questions, including:

  • How to meet the financial requirement?
  • Is the 3rd party support accepted?
  • Can you meet the financial requirement by showing your savings?
  • Why it is not enough to just show that an ADR is so ill that they cannot perform day-to-day tasks such as cooking, dressing and washing themselves? What further steps you should take to succeed in the application?
  • How can you meet the accommodation requirement, especially if you live in a rented accommodation?
  • What is the ratio between the number of rooms and people that can live in a property, so it is not considered to be overcrowded by the Home Office? For example, how many people can live in a 2-bedroom flat?
  • What are the weakest parts of the majority of the ADR visa applications?
  • Why you should think very carefully before making an ADR visa application if you would like to continue coming to the UK as a family visitor.
  • What is Article 8? Why is it important to engage it in the application? How to do it?
  • What documents should you consider submitting with the application? You’ll find very specific examples of 35 documents which will strengthen the application and what documents not to submit:

For example:

  • not that many people are aware that they should submit a very carefully drafted care plan. What is a care plan, and where can you get a template?
  • What are the general rules about the format of all the documents?
  • What are the rules for converting foreign currency into GBP?
  • Where to find a list of all the documents to be submitted with the application.
  • Which period should these documents cover?


Is This Course For You?

If you are are thinking of making an application

You’ll benefit from this course if you are thinking of making an Adult Dependent Relative visa application and even if you would like to do so with the help of an immigration adviser. It will help you make an impartial and independent assessment of the merits of your case.

If you are an immigration advisor

Also, if you are an immigration advisor, hopefully, the information in this course will help provide you with the necessary information and tools and make the correct assessment of the cases and maximise chances of succeeding.

If your application was refused

This course maybe for you even if the your Adult Dependent Relative Visa was not successful and you are at the stage of deciding whether or not you should embark on the expensive appeal journey.


Why You Should Watch this Course

ADR visa applications are incredibly expensive:

Visa fee: £3,250

Immigration Health Surcharge: £3,120 (£624 x 5 years)

Solicitor’s fee: average between £2,500 – £4,500

Other expenses include biometrics, TB test (if applies) approx.£100)

You can double if not triple these costs if the application is refused and you choose to appeal against the decision.

Also, the consequences of making an ADR visa application can be draconian if the application is refused and can potentially prevent the person from re-entering the country as a family visitor.

This course help you get the necessary information before deciding whether you should proceed with making an Adult Dependent Relative Visa application and if so, how to increase your chances in this application.