Here is more information about the UK Visitor Immigration Route:

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The UK Visitor Mindmap

I’ve created a mindmap, which will give you an instant bird’s eye view of the entire route and the rules you need to meet to succeed in this application. You can access it HERE.

The Suitability Requirements  for UK Visitors

Also, all prospective UK visitors will need to meet the suitability requirements. You can CHECK THEM HERE.

More Videos About UK Visitor Immigration Route

You can access more videos about UK Visitor Immigration Route and other UK Immigration routes HERE.

More Articles About UK Visitor Immigration Route

You can read more articles about UK Visitor Immigration Route HERE.

Visa National List

If your country is on THIS LIST – it means you’ll need to apply for entry clearance (visa application made outside the UK) before travelling to the UK. In other words, you cannot just turn up at Heathrow airport saying that you would love to see Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. You’ll need to apply for permission to enter the UK before travelling.


Relevant Nationals

If you intend to get married in the UK or give notice marriage, you’ll need to apply for UK Visitor’s visa. This rule does not apply to ‘relevant nationals’. You’ll find the definition of ‘relevant nationals’ at section 62 of the Immigration Act 2014:

“relevant national” means—
(a)a British citizen,
(b)a national of an EEA State other than the United Kingdom, or
(c)a national of Switzerland.


What You Cannot Do in the UK as  a Visitor

When you come to the UK as a Standard Visitor, generally you cannot work, marry, study or get medical treatment. There are some exceptions to these rules. You’ll find them at Immigration Rules Appendix Visitor: Permitted Activities.