More Information about All UK Visas in 2022

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‘UK Immigration and All UK Visa Types in 2022’ article/video series.

There are over 85 UK visa types. I am still in the middle of creating this series. So, do feel free to check this page for an updated list. I’ll be editing new links as we go.

To help you understand various UK immigration routes, I’ve divided these visa types into six main categories.

There are visas for:

  1. Visiting the UK: article / video
  2. Studying in the UK article / video
  3. Working in the UK:
    1. Long-term UK work visas: article / video
    2. Short-term UK work visas: article / video
    3. Investor, business and talent routes: article / video
    4. Other work-related routes: article 1/ article 2 / video
  1. Joining family members in the UK:
    1. General Rules: article/video
    2. Settlement routes: article / video
    3. Temporary work-related routes: article / video
  2. EU, EEA and Swiss citizens: article / video
  3. Protecting citizens: article / video


Online Courses

If you intend to submit your UK visa application yourself, you’ll benefit greatly by attending the relevant online course.

After watching the course for your visa type, you’ll understand the rules and the secrets behind the applications. Also, you’ll understand how the Home Office considers the applications and why so many visa applications are refused.

For some types of visas, I’ll be even providing step-by-step guidance on how to complete the application forms. I’ll be explaining why they ask certain questions in the form and how to answer them.


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More Information about All UK Visas in 2021