Svitlana Shlapak is a Senior Immigration Solicitor  and a part-time visiting lecturer reading Immigration law at the University in London. Being very passionate about the UK immigration law, Svitlana won her first immigration case at the Tribunal back in 2003, when she was still a University law student. This gives her more than 13 years of solid, active experience in this field. Svitlana is the proud holder of two Bachelor Degrees and is fluent in three languages.

As a British citizen of Ukrainian origin who has worked in one of the UK biggest legal charitable organisations for nearly a decade, Svitlana knows and understands exactly what the needs and challenges of her visa national clients are. After helping hundreds of her clients and noticing certain repeating patterns in various areas of immigration law, Svitlana discovered very effective formulas, which dramatically increased her clients’ winning rates.  Now Svitlana teaches her clients and blog readers how to overcome various types of their immigration challenges by using these simple to apply, time-proven formulas that are very effective and really work. 

Svitlana’s website is aimed at explaining various aspects of UK immigration law in simple non-legal terms. Svitlana’s ultimate goal is to help her readers understand how the UK migration system works, show them how to overcome common challenges in this area and inspire them make their wishes come true, if their wishes are about travelling to the UK.